BEFORE OPERATING THE GOLF CARTS, PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS for operating, locking, and charging the golf carts.

Please read all conditions of operation and responsibility in the Golf Cart Rental Agreement and if you agree, complete and submit the online golf cart rental form below the agreement.  You will receive confirmation if your form was successfully submitted.  If you have any questions or technical issues submitting the form, please contact us at (252) 928-1999 or  Please follow this link if you would like a PDF of the Golf Cart Rental Agreement for your files.


This is a Rental Agreement between Captain’s Landing, SL, LLC, and the below named lessee for an electric Golf Cart.  The lessee of the rented Golf Cart acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions of operation and responsibility:

  1. The safety and actions of all personnel associated with the Golf Cart are the responsibility of the lessee and that Captain’s Landing, SL, LLC, are not responsible for bodily injury accidents or any other liability associated with or while operating a leased Golf Cart.
  2. The lessee assumes all responsibility for damage or theft of the Golf Cart while the Golf Cart is in his/her possession.
  3. Operator(s) of golf cart must be 18 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver’s license.
  4. Golf Carts can carry a maximum of 4 people and all passengers must be seated at all times when cart is in motion.
  5. Any child less than eight years of age and less than 80 pounds shall be secured in a child passenger restraint system in accordance with NCGS 20-137.1.
  6. The Golf Cart shall be operated within the village of Ocracoke.  Specifically, it shall not be driven north of the village limits.
  7. Rules of the road shall be the same as a car utilizing lights, turn signals, horn and seatbelts as required.  All equipment will be checked for proper operation by the lessee before operating the Golf Cart.
  8. Horseplay, racing or other misuse of the Golf Cart will not be tolerated.  Such behavior will be cause for immediate loss of rental privileges.
  9. No occupant shall consume alcoholic beverages or have an open container of alcohol while the Golf Cart is in operation.
  10. Any malfunctions, damage or traffic incidents shall be reported to Captain’s Landing office as soon as practical, (252) 928-1999.
  11. Golf Carts shall be parked at Captain’s Landing as instructed by the office staff (see parking map for assigned spaces).
  12. Golf Carts shall be returned within 24 hours for daily rentals and by 10am on the scheduled day of departure for weekly rentals.

A facsimile transmission of this Agreement shall be as valid as if the original; and, if applicable, the undersigned hereby stipulate that each signature hereon shall be deemed to be an “electronic signature” within the meaning of the Uniformed Electronic Signature Act, O.C.G.A $ l0-12-1, et.seq.

Online Golf Cart Rental Form

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    By checking this box, I authorize Captain's Landing to charge any outstanding balance associated with this golf cart rental using my credit card on file. This consent shall serve as my electronic signature.

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