Please read all conditions for docking at Captain’s Landing in our Boat Slip Reservation/Rental Agreement and if you agree, complete and submit the online boat slip rental form below the agreement.  You will receive confirmation if your form was successfully submitted.  If you have any questions or technical issues submitting the form, please contact us at (252) 928-1999 or    Please follow this link if you would like a PDF of the Boat Slip Reservation/Rental Agreement for your files.  Please see parking map for boat slip locations.


This is a rental agreement between the rental company (Ironwood Enterprises, LLC) and the below-named boat owner/operator for the purposes of docking the below-described boat.  The owner/operator of the below-described boat agrees to the following conditions for docking at Captain’s Landing:

  1. The safety and actions of all personnel associated with the boat are the responsibility of the owner/operator.
  2. The owner/operator of the boat assumes all responsibility for damage or theft to the boat while docked at Captain’s Landing.
  3. Dumping or discharge of any material is prohibited at the docks or within the limits of the harbor and surrounding waters as established by USCG and environmental regulations. This includes trash, large fish carcasses, tobacco products, etc.
  4. Damage to the docks is the responsibility of the owner/operator and will be reported promptly to the office at Captain’s Landing.
  5. Electrical power (30 or 50 Amp) is ***not currently working due to Dorian.***  Water is supplied. Excess usage as determined by the rental company may result in additional charges.
  6. All cleaning materials for the boat and equipment will be biodegradable and no bleach products will be used so as to protect the marine environment.
  7. The owner/operator recognizes that noise and size of boating party will be kept to a minimum in consideration of Hotel guests. Excessive engine noise, extended idling or late night parties are not permitted.
  8. The owner/operator agrees to vacate the assigned dockage on or before noon of the ending date.
  9. Non-refundable payments for dockage are payable when the slip is reserved.  Any balance or extras are due on arrival.  Checks should be payable to “Ironwood Enterprises, LLC.”

A facsimile transmission of this Agreement shall be as valid as if the original; and, if applicable, the undersigned hereby stipulate that each signature hereon shall be deemed to be an “electronic signature” within the meaning of the Uniformed Electronic Signature Act, O.C.G.A $ l0-12-1, et.seq.

Online Boat Slip Rental Form


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